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Greenspoon Marder’s New York Matrimonial and Family Law Group welcomes you to New York Family Law Matters, a website providing insight and legal updates of family law related issues. 

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We have combined experience of over 65 years representing and advising clients in matrimonial and family law, including negotiating pre and post nuptial agreements, separation agreements, contested and uncontested divorces, paternity matters, surrogacy agreements, litigating child custody and many other complex issues. We are respected as leaders in the family law community, and we are proud to represent a spectrum of clients, from high net worth individuals to indigent persons on a pro bono basis.

As part of Greenspoon Marder — a full-service AM200 law firm with offices throughout the United

States — we have resources that allow us to provide personalized high-level services to our clients. While we specialize exclusively in family law matters, we are able to draw on the readily available knowledge and counsel of other Greenspoon Marder practice groups on other legal matters that arise for our clients (such as estate planning, tax counseling, real estate and corporate matters, to name a few) as part of and separate from their matrimonial and family law matters.

Our team is trained in mediation, advancing our primary goal of settling matters out of court. However, we are prepared to litigate when necessary and ready to take matters to court in order to reach favorable outcomes for our clients.

Whether you’re getting married or getting divorced, we are here to represent and support you through your major life changes.  For more information about our practice, explore this website and be sure to check out and subscribe to our blog.

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Recently, Arthur Ettinger, Chair of the Department, launched a podcast titled Close To The Vest, focused on relationship and divorce related issues.  Rather than having to speak directly to a professional for your first experience when it comes to divorce or relationship issues, Close to the Vest is built for those who are currently going through divorce, contemplating divorce, or experiencing relationship issues.

Arthur, a single dad to two amazing boys, has firsthand experience of the divorce process from the “other side of the table”.  During the recent pandemic in 2020, Arthur realized that there was a lack of content for those who are either going through, or contemplating divorce. That said, the podcast isn't just guidance for inevitable divorce. Many of the guests provide their years of experience and professional advice on mending or cultivating a healthy relationship. Podcasts guests to date include psychologists, therapists, accountants, financial planners, lawyers, mediators, litigants, past clients, business and thought leaders, athletes, entertainers and more.

Close to the Vest is your resource to discover professional and friendly advice from all walks of life to make your process not only easier and less stressful, but to remind you that you're not alone.  Be sure to subscribe and give us your feedback.

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